On this page you will find further documents and information regarding the lecture „How AI like ChatGPT might transform tax consulting“ dated 30.03.2023. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at office@freyenfeld.law.

Note: This presentation was created with the support of various AI solutions to illustrate their use cases for tax consulting. The following list mentions all AI solutions applied and links to their respective websites:


As an AI language model, ChatGPT is able to understand natural language inputs and generate responses that provide relevant and helpful information to the user. In tax consulting it can help automate tasks, provide quick and accurate responses to tax-related questions, and assist with decision-making by analyzing large amounts of data. It answered some of the most important questions.


Creation of presentations including text and images. Especially in the area of tax optimization, such as a restructuring or a succession of assets to the next generation multifunctional applicable. The first draft of the presentation slides was based on Tome and then revised. Here is the link to the presentation created with Tome.


Fast and high quality translations. Very helpful, for example, when working with English-speaking clients. Some phrases in the presentation and on this page are based on suggestions from DeepL.


Creates videos from plain text in minutes. It could be used to communicate complex tax issues effectively to clients. It could be used to provide ChatGPT responses more vividly.


Tool for generating images from written text. In the area of tax law primarily relevant for presentations, lectures or social media activities. In this case, the cover and alle the pictures in the presentation were generated this way. See also: Stable Diffusion and DALL·E 2.


This AI enables to remove disturbing elements from images. In the area of taxes also primarily usable for presentations, lectures and social media. Used here to remove the text from the cover created by Midjourney.


Creating professional images (e.g. job application pictures) based on selfies using artificial intelligence. The picture of the lecturer on the last slide has been artificially created with Realfake.